The Best Place (Himalkom)

yap, setidaknya itulah yang terjadi. mengapa tidak, ditempat manalagi bisa downlod gila-gilaan. Malam ini saya berhasil download lebih dari 4GB. Yes!!


About windupurnomo

I'm interested in programming. I am active with several programming such as Java, C #, C, JavaScript, HTML. I'm also develop desktop application (Java Swing), Mobile Application (Android), and Web programming (ASP MVC).
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2 Responses to The Best Place (Himalkom)

  1. aadunJuve says:

    himalkom???lu ga ngunduh du himalkom kali, tapi di kos-an lu sendiri…
    Budi budi,,,ckckck….

  2. windupurnomo says:

    yoi, himalkom ini kamar gw…. he..he…

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