List Command di Run

Buat anda yang lebih senang menggunakan keyboard daripada mouse, menggunakan run pada window akan sangat membantu. Berikut ini adalah daftar command yang dapat anda tulis (and run) pada run:

Arp Displays/modifies ARP IP address/eth_addr entries
Asd Automatic skip driver upon windows startup program
Attrib Displays/changes file attributes
Calc Calculator
Cdplayer Plays music CDs on your CD-ROM drive
Cfgwiz32 ISDN Configuration Wizard
Charmap Character Map
Chkdisk Repair damaged files
Cleanmgr Cleans up hard drives
Clipbrd Windows Clipboard viewer
Clspack Lists/creates listings of system packages
Cmd Opens a new MS windows (2000 & XP) Opens a MS-DOS Window
Control Displays Control Panel
Cvt Convert FAT16 hard drives to FAT32
Cvt1 Converts drives from FAT16 to FAT32
Convert C: /fs:ntfs Converts drive from FAT32 to NTFS
Dcomcnfg DCOM user security
DCPromo Promotes Windows Server to a Domain server
Debug Assembly language programming tool
Defrag Defragmentation tool
Deltree Deletes an entire directory tree
Diskcopy Copies the contents of one floppy disk to another
Drwatson Records programs crash & snapshots
Dxdiag DirectX Diagnostic Utility
Explorer Windows Explorer
Extract Extract files from Microsoft *.CAB files
Fc Compares two files for similarities
Fdisk Partitions hard drive
Find Searches for a text string
Finger Display user information on a system running the finger service
Fontview Graphical font viewer Formats a disk
Freecell Card game
Ftp ftp program
Grpconv Program Manager group converter
Hh Windows Help
Hostname Returns Computer’s name
Ieshwiz Customize folder appearance
Iextract Internet Explorer backup information extraction tool
Ipconfig Displays IP configuration for all network adapters
JviewMicrosoft Command-line Loader for Java classes
Label Change the name of a hard drive or floppy disk
Mem Display detailed system memory information
Minmine Minesweeper game
MMC Microsoft Management Console
Mkcompat Program Compatibility Wizard
Move Moves a file/directory
Mplayer Media Player
Mscdex Dos mode CD-ROM driver
Msconfig Configuration to edit startup files
Mshearts Hearts card game
Msinfo32 Microsoft System Information Utility
MSimn Starts Outlook Express
MSMSGS Starts MSN Messenger
Mspaint Starts Paint
Nbtstat Displays stats and current connections using NetBios over TCP/IP
Net Displays Microsoft Networking info
Netstat Displays all active network connections
Nlsfunc Loads country-specific information
Notepad Basic text editor
NslookupReturns your local DNS server
Packager Object Packager
Ping Sends data to a specified host/IP
Progman Program Manager (Win3.1)
Protman Netbind/ Protocol manager
Quikview Quickview image files
Rasdial Dial and connect to a remote access server or dissconect a connection
Rcp Copy files to and from a computer
rexecRun commands on remote host running the rexec service
Regedit Registry Editor
Regsvr32 Register/de-register DLL/OCX/ActiveX
Regwiz Registration wizard
Route Set up routes on your network
Runas Run commands as a specified user
Scandisk Scans drives for file/disk errors
ScandskwScandisk to fix file/hard drive errors
Scanreg Scans Windows registry
Scanregw Scan/repair & backup registry
Scanreg /restore Restores Registry to a previous good configuration
Script Windows scripting host
SetdebugActiveX debugging for JAVA
Sfc System File Checker – 98
Sfc /scannow System File Checker – XP
Sndrec32 Sound Recorder
Sndvol32 Volume control for soundcard
Sol Solitare card game
Srw System Recovery Wizard
Start Runs a Windows or DOS program
Subst Associates a path with a drive letter
Sulfnbk Backs up Windows long (over 8.3 format) filenames Copies system startup files to a disk
Sysedit Edit system startup files (config.sys, autoexec.bat, win.ini, etc.)
Taskman Task manager
Tcmsetup Telephony client setup
Telnet Telnet program
Tlocmgr Telephony Location manager
Tracert Traces and displays all paths required to reach an internet host
Tuneup Maintenance scheduler & wizard
Vcmui Version conflict manager
Winfile File manager (Win3.1)
Winipcfg Displays IP configuration
Winpopup Pop-Up Messenger for Windows Networking
Winword Starts MS Word
Write WordPad text editor, can read Word 6.0 files
Wscript Windows Scripting Host for running VB scripts
Wupdmgr Takes you to MS Windows Update
Xcopy Copy files

Management Consoles

certmgr.msc Certificate Manager
ciadv.msc Indexing Service
comexp.msc Component services
compmgmt.msc Computer management
devmgmt.msc Device Manager
dfrg.msc Defragment
diskmgmt.msc Disk Management
fsmgmt.msc Folder Sharing Management
eventvwr.msc Event Viewer
gpedit.msc Group Policy
iis.msc Internet Information Services
lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups
mscorcfg.msc .Net configurations
ntmsmgr.msc Removable Storage
perfmon.msc Performance Manager
perfmon.msc RSoP – Resultant Set of Policy
secpol.msc Local Security Policy
services.msc System Services
wmimgmt.msc Windows Management Instrumental

Windows Environment Commands

%ALLUSERSPROFILE% Open the All User’s Profile
%HomeDrive% Opens your home drive e.g. C:\
%UserProfile% Opens you User’s Profile
%HomeShare% Opens your Home Folder on the server (domain only)
%temp% Opens temporary file Folder
%systemroot% Opens Windows folder


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