#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define SIZE 10

void push(int i);
int pop();

int  *tos, *p1, stack[SIZE];

int main(){
  int value;

  tos = stack; /* tos points to the top of stack */
  p1 = stack; /* initialize p1 */

  do {
    printf("Enter value: ");
    scanf("%d", &value);

    if(value != 0) push(value);
    else printf("value on top is %d\n", pop());

  } while(value != -1);

  return 0;

void push(int i){
  if(p1 == (tos+SIZE)) {
    printf("Stack Overflow.\n");
  *p1 = i;

int pop(){
  if(p1 == tos) {
    printf("Stack Underflow.\n");
  return *(p1+1);

About windupurnomo

I'm interested in programming. I am active with several programming such as Java, C #, C, JavaScript, HTML. I'm also develop desktop application (Java Swing), Mobile Application (Android), and Web programming (ASP MVC).
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