Association Rule Program Using Java and Weka Library

Java program that implement Association Rule. Association Rule is one of Data Minning techniue. Therere are many algorithm that implement association rule, and this program is use Apriori Algorithm. It used to prunning some data in training process.

In data miningassociation rule learning is a popular and well researched method for discovering interesting relations between variables in large databases. Piatetsky-Shapiro[1] describes analyzing and presenting strong rules discovered in databases using different measures of interestingness. Based on the concept of strong rules, Rakesh Agrawal et al.[2] introduced association rules for discovering regularities between products in large-scale transaction data recorded by point-of-sale (POS) systems in supermarkets. For example, the rule \{\mathrm{onions, potatoes}\} \Rightarrow \{\mathrm{burger}\} found in the sales data of a supermarket would indicate that if a customer buys onions and potatoes together, he or she is likely to also buy hamburger meat. Such information can be used as the basis for decisions about marketing activities such as, e.g., promotional pricing or product placements. In addition to the above example from market basket analysis association rules are employed today in many application areas including Web usage miningintrusion detection and bioinformatics. As opposed to sequence mining, association rule learning typically does not consider the order of items either within a transaction or across transactions. (source: wikipedia)

At one time I thought would be interesting when I can implement this Association Rule in my own program. I create video to describe features on my program. And finally, I dedicate this program to readers. Download on google project please.



About windupurnomo

I'm interested in programming. I am active with several programming such as Java, C #, C, JavaScript, HTML. I'm also develop desktop application (Java Swing), Mobile Application (Android), and Web programming (ASP MVC).
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3 Responses to Association Rule Program Using Java and Weka Library

  1. diajeng says:

    mas maaf, WEKA nya pakai versi berapa ya? Karena saya pakai WEKA 3.7.5, ada satu baris program yang error (merah). Thanks in advance.

  2. heruandika says:

    mas kok program nya pas diproses gak mau jalan ya??

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